Metal Sculptures – Once only & 100% Unique

We create metal sculptures for display in gardens and outdoor patios.  Each Steel Crazy sculpture is totally unique, drawing out the beauty of the materials used and reflecting the craftsmanship Steve brings to the design and building of functional and beautiful art.  In a range of sizes, our pieces can be used to draw the eye to a point of interest in your garden, or to distract the eye. We never re-create the same artwork, so if a piece takes your interest, please contact us quickly.

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vegas Artwork - Metal sculptures - Steel Crazy

Autumn Artwork -  Metal sculptures - Steel Crazy

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Steel Crazy artwork comes from the application of creativity to steel – transforming scrap into art.  Our sculptures take on many forms, and the beauty of some will appeal more than others to each individual viewer.  All Sculptures are created with the same objective, however – to produce an artform that captures the imagination, and in which the everyday components that go into its construction enhance the perception of the piece.

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High Quality & Environmentally Friendly

Steel Crazy has made a serious commitment to using only the best quality materials and components.  Our commitment to being an environmentally friendly company means recycling wherever possible.  In this way, Steel Crazy reduces its carbon footprint by using steel that would otherwise be smelted or disposed of in landfill.  Our commitment to quality means that, even where our sculptures include individual artefacts that are recycled from other uses – and have age and maturity reflected in their appearance – they have strength and integrity that means they will last and give pleasure for many years to come.

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The Brain - Metal sculptures - Steel Crazy