Frequently Asked Questions


1. If I have my fire pit out in the weather what’s stopping it filling up with water?

All the fire pits have drainage holes, the round in the centre of the dish and the square in the corners.


2. What is the life expectancy of my fire pit?

There is no specific life span as conditions of use vary but with a minimum of 4mm thick steel used in the pit the enjoyment will last for a good deal of time.


3. Can I have a fire pit on my outdoor deck?

It is not advisable to have any type of fire on a combustible surface and whilst our fire pits can be at a reasonable height when on their sculptural base we advise not to position close to any combustible materials.


4. Will the base the fire pit is on stay shiny and new?

Our fire pits are designed to be weathered by usage and the elements.


5. Does the fire pit need a grate for the fire to breathe?

Testing has shown that the fire will burn well without a grate.


6. The Fire pit I want in the store is not available in the size or style that I want. What should I do?

All items in the store are our currently availabilities. However, if the style or size you would like is not available, please contact us for custom work and we can tailor a piece to your needs.


7. I really like the sculptures steel crazy has to offer, but I am looking for something very specific. Are you able to create custom sculptures?

Steel crazy provides custom metal sculptures. Please contact us so we can discuss your ideas and requirements in more detail.